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ScrapYard 24/7 Access

The ScrapYard is equipped with the ability for 24/7 access to our 3 Cages, open fielding and Pitching area as well as the Weight Room and Throwing Wall.

Each Michiana Scrapper family can purchase a Key Fob for 1 year to have allow for access to the facility when times are available.  This creates a great advantage for all of the families to help facilitate the development of the athlete during the winter months.  If you are interested in more information about this opportunity, please email

ScrapYard Key Fob Cage Only access

Any Michiana Scrappers Family interested in purchasing a Key Fob that will allow them 24/7 access to the facility must purchase the yearly fee for $100. This package only allows access to the Cages and NOT the weight room.

ScrapYard Key Fob Cage & Weight Room Access

The ScrapYard offers 24/7 access to our members. This package is $150/year and will grant access to both the Cages and the Weight room.