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Off-Season Programs

Off-Season Training Programs



The Michiana Scrappers Off-Season Program is a developmental program for the Youth and a Advanced Program for the HS athlete, designed to teach each player hard work, dedication, a team mentality and how to compete day in and day out.  Basically just the Scrapper Way!  Hustle Over Talent will always prevail!  During the year each player will receive instruction from top Staff members (ex-professional and collegiate players) all year leading up to their Spring/Summer Season.

Each year the program is looking and searching for the best players that want to put the extra time and effort in both in the weight room and on their mechanics to get better.  The process of learning to compete, play hard and out work the guy next to you is not easy and takes hard work both physically and mentally.


Winter Training - Scrapper Developmental Days

These sessions will be held either on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for every age level for an hour at the ScrapYard Indoor Facility from November-February.  Our main focus will be to focus on both Arm Development and Swing Mechanics, but also could spend some time on Pitching Development and Catching Mechanics.  These sessions will normally be 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours in time and can be adjusted based on the number of kids attending.  Our goal will be small groups of instruction to gain more 1-1 time with kids and development.