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About Us

About Us

The Scrap Yard is an elite professional training facility that was founded in June of 2014.  Two baseball/business minded individuals combined heads and truly asked themselves, “How can we make baseball training exciting in Michiana? How can we help athletes of any gender pursue their dreams?” It really was that simple. After competing/coaching at the college level, we KNOW how beneficial speed & acceleration is when it comes to ones dream to play collegiately and improve one’s overall well-being. The resource for making this possible was a NEED in the Michiana area. We make it a priority that it is about YOU when you walk in and are one step closer to your ultimate goal when you walk out.

If you are looking to get faster, stronger, and build performance-based relationships with a credible staff, then coming to the Scrap Yard and training with our premier trainers is Michiana’s #1 choice to get you there. Contact Premier today for your free training introduction to see for yourself!

Our Facility

The Scrap Yard is a 12,000 square foot facility that is located at 4027 N Home Street, Mishawaka, IN, just off Day Road and Capital Street. Our facility consists of full synthetic turf, 4 baseball/softball hitting tunnels (2-70 foot), acceleration training center, and a video analysis room.

Check out the bottom of the homepage for facility photos!

Premier Services:

  • Team Acceleration Training
  • Individual Acceleration Training
  • Team Hitting Tunnel Rental
  • Individual Hitting Tunnel Rental
  • Field Turf Rental
  • Private Baseball/Softball Lessons
  • Private Video Analysis (Baseball, Softball, Acceleration)